We value your privacy

We do not collect your personal information:

In general, it is our policy to not collect any Personally Identifiable data of any kind. For each of the following Apps, there are further details.

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  • We do not collect nor transmit data of any kind used in this App.  
  • Any image file you select locally is used for your printing purposes only.


  • We do not collect, transmit, or save your item or member data which you collect in your app, beyond attempting to save it to a file stored on your device.  
    • You are completely responsible for the data you enter locally on your device, and its safe keeping and storage.  
    • We are not responsible for the loss of this data. This gives you the freedom to use it at will, but has the risk of loss of data on your part.  
    • Our recommendation is for you to export and backup your data to other locations on your disk drives, or cloud storage services.


  • We do not save any personally identifiable information. 
    • The item information you elect to share is transient.  It will either be automatically removed after a few days, or can be viewed and deleted by you on demand.
    • The item information you share is not associated to you.
      • The details are associated only to the location which you elected to enter.